Wild Ginger at Deira City Center


Being Asians on an unfamiliar place like Dubai, we are always on the look out for places that gives us a taste of home. Wild Ginger is one of them. Located at the second floor of Iconic at Deira City Center, its a place frequented by mostly Filipinos, Chinese, Indonesians and other asian races.

It was last December when I had the chance to sample what they offer. Joy (my housemate and friend) and I were thinking of where to celebrate our birthday dinner suggested that we do it in Wild Ginger since all of our friends are craving for Nasi Goreng and I am for California maki.


So as expected, I ordered their california maki (Dhs 23) as starters. It was just okay. I was expecting it to have sweet mangoes inside but instead it has avocado. And then there I was reminded that in this country, Mango is a seasonal fruit unlike in the Philippines where you can get it the whole year round.



For the main course, we all had Chicken Nasi Goreng (Dhs32). Nasi Goreng which literally means “fried rice” in Indonesian is Indonesia’s national dish. The dish that was served on the biggest plate I have ever seen was so flavorful and very generous in serving. It was served with fish crackers on the side with slices of tomatoes and cucumber.

ImageThis is a photo of me and Joy before we opened our gifts!

We were all too full to order dessert, but there’s always a next time right? I should try their soup bowls next time and dimsums! All in all, Wild Ginger is worth visiting. We had a lovely dinner and all the staff were very attentive. The location is definitely a plus because its far from the crowded area of Deira City Center. One visit is never enough to try all the flavorful food they have on the menu!

Address: Second level of Iconic, Deira City Center

Phone number: 04 295 3511

Cost: 50 AED per person


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